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General Issue
How can I come to know the possible changes of price lists?

In our site www.eide.it it is possible to see our updated price lists: you can find them inside the web pages in explanation to each service, by clicking on its specific link.

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Is an initiation fee expected for your services?

No, it is not. Our services do not consider any initiation fee.

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Is it compulsory to make a recurring recharge?

No, it is not

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My home telephone line manager is different from Telecom Italia. Can I use your services anyway ?

It is possible to use our services Pinless and VoipKey. Pinless is feasible on whatever telephone line manager, while for VoipKey you need whatever internet access.

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Can I use your services for national calls to land lines and mobiles?

Yes, you can. Thanks to the Eide services it is possible to call also national land lines and mobiles at very convenient prices, without any connection fee and with a price list according to the seconds of conversation; in this case, you do not need to dial the international code 0039

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If I use one of your services, shall I use fixed destinations?

No, you need not. Our service is unique for all countries, the purchased credit can be used for all over the world destinations, both land lines and mobiles.

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How often are my recharges invoiced?

The invoices are quarterly.

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How can I get the invoices?

You can get our invoices by mail; if you are a registered user, you can download them on your reserved area

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If I still have some credit upon a new price list, which prices will be applied?

The new call rates will be applied

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Where can I start the PINLESS service?

You can start it on the www.eide.it website or at our dealers

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How can I buy the PINLESS recharges?

On the www.eide.it website or at the dealer that started your service

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My mobile has got a monthly limit of minutes to be used "to all". How much does the PINLESS service cost?

If you have a monthly limit of minutes to all and if you use the Pinless service with the GEOGRAPHICAL number (027108), after each call the Pinless credit will decrease with relation to the expected rate for the selected destination; the limit of minutes will be reduced for the same number of minutes as the ones of the phone conversation.

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My mobile has not got any offer for the national calls. How much does the PINLESS service cost?

If your telephone line manager is TIM the toll free number 803434 is available. You can dial it without any additional cost. If your telephone line manager is not TIM, you must consider the rate of a call to a land line (027108), that changes according to your price plan

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Can I use the PINLESS service abroad?

No, you cannot. This service can be used only in Italy, but we have got several solutions to call from abroad

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Carrier Selection
Can I use different phone lines with the same credit choosing the Carrier Selection service?

Yes, you can. It is possible to start different phone numbers using the same credit

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Can I send faxes abroad?

It is possible to send them by dialing the Eide code before the destination number

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How can I check my phone fee?

The service includes the access to a specific website where you can check your call volume for each line

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Does the VoipKey service require any monthly fee?

No, it does not. You pay only the recharges

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How much does the Software cost?

Nothing, it is completely free

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Is it difficult to install it?

No, it is not. It is extremely simple. You can just copy it on your PC or if you prefer, you can leave it on a USB thumb drive. The program starts by clicking on the specific icon

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When I call, I cannot hear well: what can I do?

The first check to do is the audio settings of the PC and later those ones of the Software, by clicking File – Settings – Audio

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How can I understand that the software works?

After starting the program, the username will appear in the line below on the right while you will see your available credit on the left.

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I noticed that during the conversation the credit holds steady. Is it correct?

Yes, it is. The credit update takes place only after the conversation, so during the call it holds steady

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Telecom Italia Land Lines and ADSL
Are there any promotions for the customers who start TELECOM ITALIA contracts with Eide?

Eide offers to all his customers that will start the Telecom Italia line the chance to try the Pinless and VoipKey new services, by making some free recharges during the first 4 months

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How much does the activation of the TELECOM ITALIA line cost?

If you continue to be a Telecom Italia customer for 24 months at least, no activation fee will be applied.

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How long does it take to start ADSL ?

On a preexisting line (RTG) it will take 5 working days. On a new installation it takes 10 working days with or without ADSL on the average

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How can I check if I can use 20 Mb ADSL at home?

You can contact our dealers or our website

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